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Welcome to the first folk music community on Dreamwidth!

A more detailed introduction will come soon. Understandably, this community is going to move slowly until Dreamwidth gathers more members but hopefully some will stumble upon this little comm. I can't post regularly until my exams are over but anyone and everyone is free to join up and post in the meantime.
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Happy 90th Birthday to Pete Seeger

Happy Birthday Pete Seeger!

Pete is a legendary folk singer who has been an a huge inspiration to many, including Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Judy Collins.


BBC article on Pete )Pete Seeger playlist from youtube )
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Review: Bob Dylan at the Sheffield Arena - 24th April 2009

# Cat's In The Well
# It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
# Things Have Changed
# Boots Of Spanish Leather
# The Levee's Gonna Break
# Sugar Baby
# Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
# Po' Boy
# It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
# Make You Feel My Love
# Highway 61 Revisited
# Love Sick
# Thunder On The Mountain
# Like A Rolling Stone
# All Along The Watchtower
# Spirit On The Water
# Blowin' In The Wind

I almost didn't get any pictures come out because it seemed too dark to have anything show up on the camera. Luckily, my stepmum is good with photo editing software and it turned out I'd got three decent shots of Bob's back.

Full Review )

Two more pictures rescued from blackness by digital fiddling )